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Unlock the Handstand Workshop

Unlock the Handstand Workshop


Are you still struggling to balance in your handstand? Or just want to learn a handstand quick?
With this unique online workshop you will learn to balance (or walk) on your hands within 1 to 6 weeks.

Use the many handstand routines that we teach others in our Handstand classes, and ‘’Unlock’’ the Handstand from your own home or garden.

As full-time Calisthenics trainers we successfully teach people to balance, walk or push-up in the Handstand on a daily basis. How awesome would it be if you are the next one!

The online workshop is designed for beginners.

What you’ll find in ‘’Unlock the Handstand’’:
1: The most important tips to hold your first handstand
2: Clear video’s of all the balance and strength exercises
3: The 10 best handstand routines we use in our classes
4: All knowledge you HAVE to know about the handstand

Stop struggling with this fun exercise and start unlocking the handstand today. We would love to see your first handstand video very soon!

Language: English
Designed by coaches: @tommy_bodyweight & @dean_bodyweight

After purchase you will have direct access to the workshop. The videos in the program are only available with an internet connection.