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Unlock the Muscle-up Workshop

Unlock the Muscle-up Workshop


Are you having a hard time learning the Muscle-up?
With the exercises and routines in this online workshop you will be doing Muscle-ups in a matter of weeks!

To be honest, learning a Muscle-up can be hard. But if you are determined enough to actually go and train for it, this workshop will make your Muscle-up journey easier than ever.

As full-time Calisthenics trainers we’ve managed to learn hundreds of people this fantastic exercise within weeks, and we can’t wait for you to be the next one. Please make sure to send us the video of your first Muscle-up when you’ve ‘’unlocked’’ it.

Don’t struggle any longer and start today!

The online workshop is suitable for beginners to advanced.

What you’ll find in ‘’Unlock the Muscle-up’’:
1: All necessary tips to do your first Muscle-up
2: Video’s of all the technique and strength exercises
3: The 10 routines we use in our Muscle-up classes
4: All knowledge you HAVE to know about the Muscle-up

Experiences of other people:

“Very pleasant explanation, I found out that my explosive power needed to be improved. Short and useful videos, I like the training routines. “
Davey, 29

“The videos of exercises are nice to check the shape during training. My progress is going very fast since I started using the routines! Super boys! ”
Wes, 25

Top workshop! Cool to be able to learn from these trainers even though I live too far away. ”
Sharon, 25

“The final tip I needed were the technique videos and those crucial tips for my first Muscle-up. Breathing is key! ”
Aaron, 31

We are sure that you will learn the Muscle-up with our online workshop! If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, We will give you a full refund.

Language: English
Designed by coaches: @tommy_bodyweight & @dean_bodyweight

After purchase you will have direct access to the workshop. The videos in the program are only available with an internet connection.